Thursday, June 21



It has been so long since I posted that I am wondering if anyone will even read this post.  Anyone out there in the blog world??

I wanted to post some of the awesome quilts that our Quilting Ministry Sisters have been creating this year.  Some are already donated, but the vast majority of them are being stored for a Christmas donation.

 All of our fabrics have been donated to us.  We then figure out what goes well with which fabric and which pattern, and then WE SEW.

A lot of these ladies are first time quilters or sewists, so I have been teaching them some basic quilt patterns and then they make the blocks.

 We all learned how to make half square triangles and then put them all together to make one big quilt.

 Then we all chose our favorite baby prints from the donated fabric and did star baby quilts. This one is dinosaurs.

 This one is two different trains patterns used to make this star pattern.

 These were from our first several classes, learning to sew pieces together in straight lines.  I loved the one on the right because it has a great 3-D quality.

This one got a little mixed up when she was sewing the squares together, so instead of a star quilt, it is a scrappy baby quilt.

Stay tuned and there will be more quilts posted as they get finished.

Wednesday, February 7



I have been holding beginning quilting classes for ladies in my church and together we are making some charity quilts.

The first meeting I made sure they all knew the difference between ironing and pressing.  Then we cut 2 1/2" strips and started making rail fence blocks.  Got a lot done and also some took them home to sew together.

 Here are the long strips at the top and bottom, and the first ones cut into blocks.  We are having such a fun time meeting, talking, laughing, and getting a little bit of sewing done!!

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