Thursday, October 14


Oh my goodness, this is my FIRST time to use the new smooch spritz and I LOVE IT. I think the photo shows pretty well how it gives the card a unique shine. I LOVE IT. You can choose to use it on just one embellishment or layer, or all over the whole card like I did with this card. I LOVE IT.

Oh, by the way.... did I tell you I LOVE IT??!!

You MUST get this and try it. I used the vanilla smooch spritz. There are 4 different colors available. It is in a glass vial with a very fine spritzer on the top. I think this might last me for years and years because the spritz comes out so fine.

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Leave me a comment if you have used the smooch spritz, won't you?

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  1. Hey Jenny, it's me Carla your fellow Glitter Queen. Love the card with the smooch spray. I see you're very talented. Will talk to you soon.


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