Friday, November 19


We had a wonderful workshop at Jen R's home last night. We made the gingerbread boy card above from "Got Treats" stamp set and I showed them how to make the decorated matching candle for a gift bundle.

I also shared my newly created JOY banner that fits into the clearance rack tins for mailing. It would be considered a Christmas card by simply signing your name at the bottom and maybe including a family photo. What a GREAT gift and card in one!! I would welcome receiving a card like that in the mail from someone I love!!

Jen made the most wonderful FEAST of gumbo, dips, cookies, cakes, candies, and fruits. Several had some yummy wines to go along with these goodies.

Jen's daughter made a card as well so I know YOU can make this card as well...who me, you ask? YES YOU. You are the one who says, I AM NOT CRAFTY or I CAN'T DO THIS. YES YOU CAN. I can help you see that we all are crafty when we have the right tools and supplies.

Let me know what night works best for YOUR WORKSHOP full of YOUR FRIENDS, ok?

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  1. What adorable gingerbread projects! Cute, cute, cute! I love your Dasher card, too!


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