Sunday, February 27


Michelle Zindorf, aka the BRAYER LADY came to Spring Texas to teach her brayer workshops and I GOT TO ATTEND!!  Wow can she make it look so easy, but it is NOT!!  Me and the ladies on each side of me had some good laughs as we tried and tried to do it like she taught us...first, our finger hurt from pushing the brayer too hard, then we got so much ink on the scratch pad that none of it went onto the cardstock.  Finally, we started getting something that looked similar to what she was teaching us.  It felt so rewarding after trying so very hard!!

After 3 hrs it really started feeling comfortable and the last card we made was absolutely fabulous!!  Oh my, I want to move to the place that this sunset and these palm trees are located.  I can just imagine myself sitting in a comfortable lounge chair on the beach, in the shade, with the waves slowly lapping against the shoreline as the sun sinks into the ocean with a sizzle and the whole sky lights up in oranges, yellows and rust colors.  AHHHHH...PARADISE.  Can you hear the water sounds yet?

Closeup of the palm trees hanging over the water.
I absolutely enjoyed my time in Michelle's workshop and recommend to anyone who wants to take their stamping/cardmaking to the NEXT LEVEL to watch for her workshops in YOUR AREA and sign up quickly before they fill up.  You will be glad you did!

Inky fingers to all and happy crafting!


  1. Another award for you! Let's hear the screaming :) Enjoy you deserve it!


  2. I loved Michelle's workshop! Like you and your fellow attendees...we had a blast!


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