Monday, April 11

I love Texas in the springtime...

I know the original song says "Paris" instead of TEXAS, but I have never been to Paris and I SURE DO LOVE BEING HERE IN TEXAS in the springtime.  We are experiencing drought conditions but we still have beautiful wildflowers, lush green trees and shrubs and the grass has greened up and come alive.  Our watering cycle has begun where we water once per week for deep roots watering to keep the trees and plants healthy and keeps their roots deeply looking for water.

My mulch bin was all turned into wonderful soil from last year's fall leaves and "stuff", so I put it all around my new veggie garden and flowers.  I have hot pink impatients all in my front yard gardens and they look so pretty.  And my little veggie garden is my salsa garden - tomatoes, chilis, cilantro, bell peppers and tomatilloes.

This is a redbud tree blooming just down the street from me.  No, it is not a cemetery stone beside it (that is what my hubby said it looks like), it is actually a phone company cable box or something like that.

Planted some fennel and passion flowers for the local butterflies.  We love to watch them lay their eggs and then watch the caterpillars hatch into butterflies each year.  Gulf Fritillary lay on the passion flower vines and monarchs lay on the fennel.

My grandson is showing his Yorkshire show pig at the county fair this afternoon so that is what my day is looking like.  We have so enjoyed learning from him all about his pig (or barrow as called in the show circuit).  We have our fingers crossed that he wins and gets a good price for his pig.

My daughter #2 is visiting us this weekend and leaves tonight.  She was on a business trip to Houston and then spent a few days with us before going back home.  She gets to watch the pig show as well with us.

Granddaughter #2's emergency surgery went well and she is feeling so much better.  Had to have her appendix and gall bladder removed.  Wish we lived closer so I could have been there to help.  Love you Kayleigh.

More cards and photos to come this week, I promise.  Did a lot of creating, just didn't get the photos up yet.  Have been sewing also and will post those as well.

Happy crafting and inking fingers to y'all.

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