Monday, May 9


Have you ever taken a cooking class even if you know how to cook?  How about a sewing class even though you know how to sew?  I enjoy taking classes in areas I like to do things because it gets me to do the things I like!! 

For instance, I just took a sewing class to get myself back into sewing again.  It has been a long time since I dusted off my machine and made anything. Because of the class I made some awesome curtains for our bedroom.  And now I am working on a graduation quilt for my oldest granddaughter.  I like when there is a class or meeting that helps me get into an area that I enjoy.

That is how I feel about National Scrapbooking Month.  I have so much to scrapbook that I just haven't done anything in a loooong time.  But I set a goal of doing scrapbooking once a week for this whole month of May so I can get back into it again.  I am having a good time too!!

I first blurffed (my name for blog surfing) some scrapbooking ideas before I did my first week of scrapping.  And I found several very interesting scrapbooks to make - unusual ones.  I like unique and different...

One was a mini scrapbook made from one sheet of  12 x 12 paper.  I believe it is called the Meander Book or Meander mini album.  Beate on Splitcoast Stampers has a great tutorial on it. Here is the address for her tutorial:    It was so fun to fold and cut slits here and there, then fold it up and presto, a mini album with pockets for tabs to pull out.  Can't picture it in your mind??  Voila - here is a photo of mine I created:
Sorry for the  poor quality photo.  I am thinking I need a Photo class next, huh?   This is a very very mini album the size for those school wallet photos per page.  I made the cover from 3 x 3 coasters and covered them with dsp.  The little tabs are just pieces of dsp with a stick on deco on the top as the pull tab.
Isn't it darling?  So little yet holds so much.  I am going to give this to one of the grandkids for their school photos of all their friends for this year.

Come back tomorrow for another new album in honor of scrapbooking month - FLIP AND FOLD ALBUM. 
Happy scrapping and inky fingers y'all!

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