Sunday, June 19


I LOVE paper.  I also LOVE fabric.  I am working on a quilt for my grand daughter, Miranda, to take with her to college in the fall.  Her favorite color is purple and her high school colors were purple and white, so I am making the quilt in hues of purple.
First step:  I cut out 6 1/2 inch squares of all my fabric choices.

Step Two:  put right sices together and draw a line down the middle.  Then sew down 1/4" away from the line on both sides and cut apart.  This makes triangle squares.

Another example of the triangle squares.

Step Three:  Put the triangle squares together in the pattern you choose.  I chose a pinwheel pattern.  Pin and sew together.

Then put the rows together and sew those together.  Make sure your points are sharp and meet exactly with each addition.  This is where I still am - putting all the squares together so I can complete the rows.

I will post the quilt top once it is completed.

If you remember my posting back a few weeks ago, I made her graduation card to look similar to this quilt.  Here it is again:

I keep getting this shadow on all my photos, but I don't know what it is.  I moved my fingers, my head, my hand, etc. but the shadow is still there.  IF YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO TO NOT HAVE THE SHADOW, PLEASE leave me a comment so my photos can look better.  H-E-L-P please!!

Inky fingers, y'all.  and Happy Father's Day to all husbands and fathers.

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