Thursday, August 18


I can't tell you how happy I am that I finally finished my grand daughter's graduation/off to college quilt.  If you look at my older posts, you will see that I started this several months ago.  I did not finish it for her grad party in June, but I knew I HAD to have it done this week because she is leaving for college on Friday.

I DID IT - IT IS DONE.  And the best part - SHE LOVES IT.  The fabrics, quilt pattern, etc. were a total surprise to her.  She just picked shades of purple for the colors and I did the rest.

I used the Pinwheel quilt pattern with some boarders around it.  It is an extended twin size for those dorm room long twin beds.

The only way I got it finished in time was that I hired my friend, Patty, who has a long arm quilting machine, to do the quilting part for me.  Then once it was quilted I applied the hand sewn border to finish it off.

Here are two photos of last night's going away party for Miranda:
 Here we are wrapped up in the quilt for the photo. 

Here is Miranda modeling the quilt for Grandpa taking the photo and for my son, in the background.

Grandpa took the photos with his cell phone, so the photos are not as good as they should be.  Once she gets her dorm room all set up and the quilt on the bed, her mom promises to get me a better photo.

We will miss seeing her regularly and look forward to family weekend in October to go see her at school.

Creativity is peace for my soul.  Whether it is with fabric, paper, wood, paint - I am happiest when I create.  And when I can create for those I LOVE, it makes it doubly wonderful.

What are you going to create next?  I am only an email away to help you with YOUR creative projects.

Inky Fingers y'all!!

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