Tuesday, December 27


Hope you will indulge me a bit and let me post some adorable Santa photos.  My hubby LOVES to be Santa each year at church.  He needs no padding and is so tall he just LOOKS like Santa!!  I had him wear his suit home instead of changing back into his street clothes because I wanted him to visit our neighbors next door with a cute little toddler and give her a candy cane.  When we got home, our neighbors were gone to get their tree.  However, our dog, JEWEL, was a bit scared to see this great big man in red in our driveway.  She was going to fully protect me until she got right up to him and smelled it was her DADDY.  She got all excited that it was not a bad stranger and loved on him.  I had them come inside so I could get my camera and get a photo of Jewel and Santa Daddy.
She had to lick his nose since he had so much hair everywhere else.  She loves her daddy, even in this crazy costume.

This little girl had written a list for Santa and brought it with her when she visited him.  The photo is precious, isn't it??!!
Here is me and the jolly old man.  I am so proud of him and how he loves to be Santa every year.

Hope YOUR holiday was filled with bright hope, tender peace and pure love.

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