Wednesday, January 25


Do I REALLY need to choose between fabric or paper when I am feeling creative?  I DON"T THINK SO!!  Recently fabric has been whispering to me to come touch it and create with it - so I AM!!

Besides the folded fabric heart I posted a few days ago (scroll down to see older postings), I am now in the first stages of a quilting bee online!!  We are given 5 quilt block patterns to create every two weeks.  So far I have 4 blocks done so I am only 6 blocks behind because Feb 1st comes 5 more blocks to create.

Want to see what I have done so far?  Ok, here goes.  (For those of you Strict Paper creators, you can do the same thing with designer paper.)
 Right out of the chute is HAND APPLIQUE.  OUCH...I am not good at that at all.  But I was a brave gal and did it.

 I really like this one a lot.  As you can see, I am going scrappy with the colors and my background color is black.  WHAT YOU SCREAM - - BLACK??

Yes I chose black as my background color because I am making this for my grandson Collin.  He is the one who does not have a quilt by Nannie yet so I am making this for a gift for next year for him. (SHHH - it is a surprize!!)

Third block:
 This half square triangle block was a fun one to make

 I am really liking these colors together so far.  Lots more fun colors and patterns coming up in more blocks.

The blocks will be different sizes.  It is a mystery quilt because we don't know how it will go together until they tell us by units.  It is a fun idea and I am really enjoying it.

If YOU are interested in doing this Just Take Two Quilting Bee, hurry and get on the website and download the first 5 blocks because they will be going away by Feb 1st.

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  1. You sound like you are having a lot of fun with these!! Good for you! I like the black background too.


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