Monday, January 30

More quilt blocks finished to show you

I am enjoying the stretch it takes to do these pieced quilt blocks.  I don't know how it will all come together at the end because I am not as accurate as those with experience, but we shall see.

 I REALLY like this turquoise and black block.  I think it is sharp and grabs your attention.  Unfortunately, if you look closely my seems are slightly off.  Man, I am so careful and try so hard to get them perfect, yet they still come out kitty-whampus.  What am I doing wrong?  Can anyone help me?

 This is a "tamer" color than some of the others.  There will be more of these tamer colors.

Here are all the blocks together so far.  See how the turquoise one is like 4 blocks together?  Isn't that interesting??!!  It all adds to the suspense for me to see what happens next...

Stay tuned.

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Inky fingers y'all and straight seams too!!

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  1. Boy, the colors really POP against the black! neat :D


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