Friday, January 13


My grandson, Kyle, has another FFA project PIG this year.  It is a pink pig, which is a Yorkshire Pig.  He named him Wilson.  Remember the movie:  "W-I-L-S-O-N."  ??  Which movie does that quote come from, do you know?  The first one to answer that question will get a card mailed to them that I have made.

Anyhow, it is so fun to see photos of Wilson and Kyle and to learn what Kyle has been doing with the pig.  He took Wilson to a Prospect Show last weekend and Wilson won 2nd place.  Here is a photo of Wilson and Kyle:
They bought Wilson on Dec 3rd and he was small enough to fit into a large dog carrier.  Here they are arriving home from the farm.

 Wilson got a special reward for winning the Prospect Show - bubble gum.  His friend in the pen next to him is a Duroc pig - brown with floppy ears.

 Here is Kyle with his ribbon.  This boy is on some kind of special feed himself because he has grown so TALL!!

Kyle is talking Wilson back into his food pen to get his dinner for the night.

 Pigs are really quite smart.  At least the two that Kyle has owned are.  They learn quickly and remember well.  Some have asked what are the green things in his ears.  This means he has been tagged for a certain show.  They can only be shown in one show so the owners have to decide which one will it be and then they are taken and weighed in, get a picture drawn of the shape of his ear and even a nose print is made of the pig.  Then they are given a number and these ear tags are put on them.  This keeps everything "legal" so that no one will substitute a different pig at the show.  Quite sophisticated, I think.  And fashionable too@!!  ha

A full view so you can see how much he has grown in just a little over a month!!  He weighed in at the Prospect Show at 73 pounds!~!  He was around 30 last month when they purchased him.  In 5 months of ownership they can grow to about 300 lbs!!  But they have to have muscle so they must be exercised every day.  IF they don't develop muscle, the judge will disqualify them from the show.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me and my family and my grandson's FFA Pig.

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