Wednesday, February 22

I found the Chrysalis of my monarch butterfly!!

Hi y'all,

I have  been searching since Sunday evening for the missing monarch caterpillar to see where he/she went to get into the chrysalis.  My hubby thought perhaps a bird got it, but I read that they avoid monarchs because of the black/white and yellow stripes of the caterpillar tells them it is poison to them or at least NOT tasty!!

So today I was out planting some impatients in my hanging pots and I spotted it attached to one of my pot holders.  It is situated so that the sun will hit it, but it protected by the overhang porch at my front door.  Very smart indeed!!

Isn't it beautiful?  It is a translucent bright green and it has some little dots or spots on it that are kind of like drops of liquid gold.  The website says it is actually see-thru and as the butterfly develops, we will start seeing the colors orange, black, etc. of the butterfly.  I will continue to take photos and share with you.  The web says it will emerge in 10 days total.  So I have my calendar marked.  Stay tuned!!

This is very fascinating I think.  Hope you do too!!

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  1. Alright, Jen!! I'm so glad you found it! Now I will be looking forward to the day we see the "re-birth"! Yaaaayyyyy!! ;D


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