Friday, May 10


LOVE the idea for today's FRIDAY MASHUP - it is like 'STACK AND WHACK' in quilting!  Take 4 pieces of DSP and cut them into different sized squares then shuffle them and make cards with them  - HOW FUN. The other part is to make a card set - OR MASH IT UP AND DO BOTH!!  WOO HOO

I chose my DSP that is retired but coordinates perfectly with AN OPEN SEA stamp set.  I hope they come out with something to go along with the stamp set for THIS catalog since the stamp set is carrying over for another year.

This is a fun way to make quilt blocks as well.  You choose fabrics that coordinate and then you stack them up, whack them into different shapes and shuffle them.  Then sew away to make your blocks.  I bet you didn't realize you can use the same ideas from STAMPING and start QUILTING - did you?  It is so similar, just a different medium - paper or fabric!!  COOOOL

 I thought I would also whack the layer behind my card.  I cut the layers behind it and put blue and red together.  Goes right along with the whole feel of the card set. (There is some weird setting on my camera that puts a shadow on the bottom left side once in a while.  Not my finger, something inside the settings.  Last time this happened my hubby fixed it.  Guess I pushed something wrong so now I have to have him fix it again tonight.)

 I am LOVING this anchor in the stamp set.  This one I smudged around the edges to make it have more "sea miles" on it.  ha

I think I will make a card holder for these four cards and make it a complete gift.  Good idea, huh?

Some of the layers I flipped over and used the back of the DSP so that I actually had 8 choices instead of the 4 pieces I chose.  LOVING double sided paper.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if FABRIC was the same way??!!  hmmm...there is a thought for someone looking for a new idea in fabric creation.

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  1. Jenny this came out too cute!!! What a great stamp set to use for the set! I love how you matched the Sketch up with the DSP patterns. Thanks for joining us at the Friday Mashup.

  2. Beautiful set of cards! Choosing a great paper makes all the difference, and of course the coordinating stamp is perfect. Thanks for joining the Friday Mashup this week.

  3. This is some of my favorite DSP, I'm hoarding it! You've used it wondefully here on these great cards!

    Thanks so much for playing along with us at The Friday Mashup!

    1. I know, I love it too. Why would they retire the paper and NOT the stamp set? I don't see anything to replace it in the new catalog either!!

  4. Fab set of cards! Love the combination of dsp and stamp set, and the idea of making a card holder for these is great!! Thanks for playing along with the Friday Mashup this week!

  5. Great combination of papers and images! Beautiful set of cards! Thanks for playing along with us at the Friday Mashup this week!


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