Thursday, May 23


Making buttons and flowers with the NEW SIMPLY PRESSED CLAY AND MOLDS.

Two ways to create your items (probably more but two I have used so far):
1.  put clay in a baggie and add a few drops of ink
2.  close up baggie and massage the clay until the ink is evenly distributed into the clay
3.  press into molds and let dry


1.  just press clay into molds, let dry and color with markers, ink pad, etc.

The blue buttons had the ink massaged into the clay before I molded them.  The white ones are just pressed and dried.

 If there is any remnant of clay outside of the shape, you can just snip it off with scissors.  It is very flexible like fun foam.

The holes are slightly closed on the buttons when you mold them.  After they are dry, just poke the rest of the way through to make the button holes.

Here is a card again I made with the white rose and then I colored with markers:
I used a soft color on this rose.  I tried my aqua marker and some ink, but it wasn't intense enough in color.  The marker seemed to work much better.

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