Monday, June 24


HELLO from Texas JennyWren's nest - today I have a DIFFERENT nest to tell you about - a cardinal nest right at our front door.

Pretty Boy and New Wife (my names for the cardinal couple) have built a nest inside my jasmine vine that is climbing up the front of my house.  It is right at my front door.

I have tried several times to take a photo by holding my camera up and shooting, but have been unsuccessful until today.

Here are the GLIMPSES of the baby.  It seems like there is only one baby, but there might be two.  Feathers are already starting to show.  From the date I saw Pretty Boy starting to bring food to the nest, I think the baby is 9 days old.

 Sorry the photos are so horrible, but with the vines, the height of the nest and me trying to snap the photo quickly so the parents don't know I was there....this is the best it gets.
 The baby opened it's mouth thinking that momma or daddy was bringing goodies.

But he wasn't fooled by me this time.  Look at that "stink eye" he is giving me.  "Wha' chu lookin at?" seems to be his thought.

Nature is so wonderful.  I am glad that Pretty Boy and New Wife chose to build their nest next to our home "nest".

Until next time, stay creative!!

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