Friday, November 13



So sorry I have not been posting cards lately, but I have been busy outside.  Here in South Central Texas, we have a full month in the fall and a month in the spring that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside weather.  The rest of the year it is hot hot hot and humid!!

So, needless to say I have been outside most every day the last two weeks enjoying our wonderful weather.  What have I been doing?  Working with my horses.  For those who might have missed it, I have two  Gypsy horses aged almost 3 years old.  I have been getting them trained for riding and then training myself to ride them as well.  They are half brothers just a week apart in age and they are SO FUN to be around.

They have blue eyes and long manes and tails.  They have "feather" on their legs, which means lots and lots of hair.  They are short, but stocky and so very, very friendly.

Here they are at training to pull a cart.  They did such a good job learning from Daniel, our Amish horse trainer. They are almost ready to start pulling for us. First we have to be trained how to drive them.

 Here is our trainer, Jeremy, on Brodie for saddle training.

 Getting Fergus ready for his riding lesson.

Look at those looooong white eyelashes on  my Fergus.  He is a handsome boy.  (So is Brodie, of course)  :-)

Thanks for stopping by. Next week I get to ride them and I can hardly wait!!

Have a happy week and do something creative.

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