Saturday, December 18

A new family member has arrived

We have a new.... grandpig. Yep, a grand pig. Well, a pig now owned by my grandson, Kyle. This little piggie is so darned cute!!

The first day they brought him home and put him in the pen at the FFA Barn and he squeeled with fear from being away from his mommie and litter mates. There is a bit older piggie in the pen next to him and Milton (that is his new name) tried to squeeze through the bars to get to this other pig. He got his head stuck between the bars and this made him squeel with pain and fear. He now has bruises on both of his cheeks from trying to squeeze through. Poor baby. He would not eat for 3 days and would only let Kyle come near him. He is afraid of everyone else.

Kyle is in FFA for the first time and this is his show pig. He will learn valuable lessons by taking care of and showing his pig. He will be showing him at the Montgomery County Fair this spring.

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