Wednesday, December 29

Happy New Year

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I am so looking forward to this new year of 2011. I was born on Jan 1, so my birthday this year is 1-1-11. Kind of cool - hope it means good luck or something good coming our way.

We have had a rough 2010 with my hubby being unemployed all year. It was rough and we have learned to appreciate how our ancestors made ends meet, especially during the depression and during the war years.

Cooking, planning and serving meals take a lot more time when you are cooking from scratch. But it is also more rewarding for me too!!

We have our health, we have family and good friends, and we pray that hubby will be blessed with a good job this year. Please keep us in your prayers.

I have so many wonderful ideas for workshops, especially for VALENTINES DAY. Won't you contact me and let me share my ideas with you and your friends? I am ready to demo a workshop at YOUR HOME.

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