Thursday, January 13


Have you tried our new VINYL DECOR ELEMENTS yet?  I LOVE THEM!!  They are so perfect for that one spot where you need a little something more.  Or maybe you want your family and friends to remember something important?  Set the Mood?  etc...

I added this "GIVE THANKS" from page 11 of the DEFINITELY DECORATIVE catalog.  It fits perfectly in my kitchen with the chocolate vinyl against my venetian gold walls.  PERFECT

This "SERVE THE LORD" element is on page 28 of the DEFINITELY DECORATIVE CATALOG.  I wish it would show up bigger for you to see better. (Does anyone know how to make it clickable to be seen bigger in another window on your computer?)  It is beautiful and directly over my front door as you are about to leave.   It is size 'medium' in chocolate.  The decoration beside the verse is not Stampin Up.  It is left over from another vinyl element I have on a different wall from my daughter.  However, there are several flourishes that you can add from SU, like the one called DOTTED FLOURISH on page 23, or ORGANIC OUTLINE on page 24, or the FLEUR-DE -LIS ACCENT on page 15.  Or what about FLOURISHES (set of 6) on page 26 - I really like this one.

Always remember when you purchase a decorative element to put on your wall that it goes smoother and easier if you also order the $1.95 Applicator from page 35 to rub the element first to get it all stuck to the proper side of the application, then to also rub it onto the wall.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what is on my wall.  Please le me see what you put on YOUR WALLS, ok?

Happy crafting!

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