Tuesday, March 22


Some of you may remember that my grandson is raising a show pig through the Jr. FFA.  It has been a great learning experience for him and his family.  Also for us.  We have learned so much we would have not had any opportunity to learn about otherwise.  Pigs are quite friendly.  And they love to play.  Well, there are only 3 weeks left  before the County Fair where he will be shown and sold.  Kyle says he really likes Yorks and wants to stay with them and do another one this fall for the same county fair in the spring.  They grow so quickly - in 6 months he went from 30 lbs as a little piglet when they got him to 280 lbs!!  Big boy for sure.

Kyle has done such a good job taking care of this big guy and done such a good job showing him in the ring.  We are really proud of him.  Here are a few photos of Milton (that is the pig's name).  Thanks for endulging me.  More cards next post, I promise.  Enjoy these photos of a big pink piggy named Milton.

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