Friday, May 27


Sorry you have not heard from me in a little bit.  You see, I have two paying jobs (not mentioning the millions of jobs we do that we DON'T get paid for!) ha.  I work as a Hallmark Retail Merchandiser for stores in my area - mostly grocery stores.  So when you are grocery shopping and decide to purchase a card because you need it ASAP, think of me...I put them there and take care of the ordering, displays, etc.

My OTHER paying job is ALSO CARDS - Stampin' Up Demonstrator.  I LOVE BOTH MY JOBS - creative, colorful and they are both pretty much my own hours.

So, besides my two paying jobs, I was feeling a bit stressed with personal life and needed another outlet that would be helpful to de-stress but not require too much thinking.  Enter ZENTANGLE.  Have you heard of it?  Google it and you will be hooked!  I am.  It is basically doodling like we used to do in elementary school, only now they call it ART.  ha

Here is my first official Zentangle.  It is very soothing and I love how smoothly the pen goes along the cardstock.
What do you think?  Zentangles have different names for different kinds of tangles.  The large main ones in this Zentangle are called Muchas.  It looks like several different shepherd's hooks, but if you follow the lines, it is just one line that goes back on itself over and over again.  I shaded with pencil and then I framed it with some DSP  from Stampin' Up! Christmas paper and then with black.  The pen is a special fine tipped marker for artists, but you can probably use any fine tipped marker you want.  Mine was Sakura brand as they suggest for Zentangles.
Here is another photo with better lighting so you can see how nice the black and white plays against each other.  This is being framed for my Grand daughter, Kayleigh, who is the family artist-in-residence.  But it would make a wonderful card front, wouldn't it? 

Wouldn't you LOVE to get a card with an original piece of artwork on the front??

If any of you are also doing Zentangles, Please share with me.  I would LOVE to see what you have been doing.  And Google Mucha Zentangle to see the description of this kind of tangle.

Are you still scrapbooking this month?  Only a few days of the month left so get a couple pages completed so you feel like you accomplished something, ok?  Hopefully this National Scrapbooking Month is just the PUSH we need to get some of our pages completed.  I love when there is someone helping me along, don't you?

Happy scrappinig, tangling and cardmaking.  Inky finger y'all!!

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