Friday, September 16


Even in this devastating drought here in Texas, there is some cheer blooming at my little corner of the world.  We have a cute little arbor with benches at the front of our home.  I planted Passion Vine last year and never expected it to make it with this horrible weather we are having.  We are 40 inches behind in rainfall this year!!  Anyways, I wanted you to see how this awesome vine is blooming to bring cheer to us all here at my little cottage.  I planted it and put the arbor to make it look like a little English cottage.  With the passion vine blooming, doesn't it look just like that?

Be CREATIVE in your corner of the world - gardening, landscaping, painting, decorating, scrapbooking and paper crafting.  It is so fulfilling.

Did you know that the Passion Vine is the host plant for the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly?  That is why we planted it because we have a little eco system going on here for the butterflies.  An added bonus - the hummingbirds love the flowers!!  CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE IT LARGER AND THEN YOU CAN SEE THE WONDERFUL PURPLE AND WHITE BLOOMS.

The other vines in the front left are what is left of my yard long beans.  They were so fun all summer.  It is just too hot and too dry now for them to do anything, but I left the strings up that they grew on for other vines to climb up.

Happy creating and inky fingers y'all!

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