Friday, November 4


YIPPEE, YAHOO AND HORRAY.  I have a BRAND NEW LAP TOP.  I got my Christmas and birthday present early from my daughter and son in law.  They are so AWESOME!!  I was limping along with a very VERY old desktop (over 10 yrs old) and it was, as my mom would say, "slower than death on crutches."  But now I have my super ROOMIE ZOOM ZOOM (Scooby would say) lap top and am ready to burn up the internet with speed.

I have been planning for my Christmas Card Class and Christmas Tags Classes coming up starting next week.  Now I am cutting and cutting all the supplies for these events.  It will be SO VERY FUN.  Don't forget to sign up with me ASAP because when they are full, I will have to close the classes.  You will be so sad if you miss these!!

I am also in the planning stage of a CHRISTMAS ADVENT GIFT BOX CALENDAR class that goes along with the 25 Days and Counting stamp set for a wonderful GIFT.  As soon as I complete all my details, I will be giving you the dits on this.

Do you remember that I am a Hallmark Retail Merchandiser for my local grocery stores?  WELL, this is HELL WEEK for me.  I am putting up all my Christmas and Thanksgiving cards, gift wrap, gifts, etc. and it takes many, many hours per store to first get the displays up and then to fill with all the merchandise.  My back is killing me from hauling the large boxes that were shipped with all my merchandise, I smashed my hand and have a huge lump and broken blood vessels on the back of it.  (Now it is turning a lovely shade of purple, thank you very much!) BUT I only have a bit more to go on one store and it will all be up and completed!!  WAHOO  I really enjoy my Hallmark job, but this hell week is pure hell and I am glad when it is over.

Sorry to ramble on in this post.  I will show you a card and then sign off.

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  1. I adore this CAS Christmas card!! I am way behind on making mine, so I need to hop to it!! You rock, girlie!!


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