Thursday, March 8


My monarch emerged from it's chrysallis this morning!!  I noticed yesterday that it became transparent and I could see the butterfly's wings.
If you click on it to make it larger, you should be able to see the black and white of the wings.

While I was on the phone this morning talking to my daughter, my butterfly was struggling to get out of it's chrysallis and emerge.  When I went outside, it was resting after that struggle.
Here it is sitting right above it's old home (the chrysallis), resting and letting the blood pump into it's wings.

A closer view of the new monarch butterfly.  It is hanging upside down off my plant.  It stayed there about an hour or more before adventuring off into it's new world.

Hope you have enjoyed this play-by-play of my monarch butterflys, starting when I found the caterpillars on my butterfly weed until today when it emerged from the chrysallis and flew away.

I have 7 new fat caterpillars on my bushes ready to begin their journey to becoming a beautiful butterfly!!

I am busy cutting and making packets for my Spring Blossoms stamp class to be held in one week.  I have 5 ladies signed up so far.  It will be fun and I will share with you in a few days.

Ink Fingers y'all!!


  1. Tada! Yay! I sure did love your episodes of the butterfly!! Great postings on all...
    Naturelover at heart,

    1. me too, I love nature. Thanks for consistently visiting my blog.


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