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It's that time of year again:  where my friends and I get together to sew up charity quilts for our local community.  They are more like throws, blankets, "kivers", etc. than real quilts.  But we like to call them quilts.  Since our goal is to get a lot of them done, we don't do the normal hand quilting on them that takes soooooooo many hours.  Instead, we either quilt them by machine or just do some straight stitching here and there on them to keep them together during washings.

So, here are a few we made in the last two weeks.  There are only 3 of us so far working on these, but others are planning to come in the next few weeks:

 You can't really see the pattern on this soft and snuggly quilt, but it is little blue teddy bears.  The back is a rose red fleece so nice and cuddly.  This is a tied baby blanket.

 A few of the ladies have a long arm quilting machine and they are practicing with it.  They donated the pieces they long arm quilted and all we had to do was sew a binding on them.  This is one of them.  This is for a senior citizen for a lap blanket or wheelchair blanket.

 This is a great male pattern with tools and implements on the soft fleece.  The back is a beige and this one is also yarn tied.

Another one that was a practice piece for the long arm quilter.  I love the deep navy blue and the pretty pattern of blues on white on the other side.  I created a binding for this one for the two sides and for the top and bottom I used a self binding of the navy blue side back against the printed side.  It came out very nice I think.

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Thanks for stopping by.  IF any of you have any fleece or flannel or soft fabrics we could use to make more baby blankets, we would be happy to receive that gift and will make more charity quilts.

More will be posted as we progress on our projects.  A very pretty embroidery machine applique is in the making and I can't wait to see it finished.

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