Wednesday, September 7



A few weeks ago when the very very heavy rains hit Louisiana, my hubby and I were going the back way to our anniversary dinner and we came upon the most wonderful sight.

A flooded  cattle field filled with a huge flock of  ROSEATE SPOONBILLS with some CRESTED CARACARAS mixed in with them!!! I was thrilled to see them and had hubs pull over so I could take some photos.

You see I grew up in Florida and one of the places we lived was on the bay with a small island that Spoonbills used for their nesting site each spring.

What are CARACARA you ask? They are a very large black and white bird that I  is a tropical falcon.  Here is a closeup photo from the internet so you can see how they look.  In some of my photos you will see a large black bird with white markings, and that is the Caracara.

A very unusual large bird indeed!!  But unmistakeable in his shape and markings.

And internets image of the spoonbill:

The spoonbills range in color from white to light pink to hot pink.  Notice their unusual shaped "spoon" like bill.  They are water sifters and the bill is perfect for that.

Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my neck of the woods!!

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