Friday, September 2



I made a very simple, quick long tv quilt for the flood victims in Louisiana.  Many men from our church took all completed quilts with them to one of our churches in Louisiana while the men helped the flood victims tear out drywall, dispose of damaged items, etc.  The quilts as well as many more items were given out to those who lost everything with these damaging floods.

A sister in church has a long arm quilting machine and she practiced quilting two solid pieces of brushed cotton with a very thin piece of batting in it.  Then she donated it to those of us who are making the quilts for charity.  I then put two pretty scrap blocks, one on each side, and bound it in multi color strips.

 Here is the black side.

And here is the red side.

You can see the solid multi colored strips I used for the thin binding.  I like how it came out.  I think it would be great for a teen boy or even a dad.
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