Wednesday, September 28


Hi y'all out there in Blogger Land.  Today I have a photo of a quilt that Kelli, a friend of mine, made using the scallop square die and my BIG SHOT.  This little machine is amazing how quickly you can cut out your squares to get ready to sew.  Kelli cut out 5 or 6 layers of recycled blue jean fabric at one time.  She made this cute TV quilt for her kids when they are watching television or playing video games.

It is what we call a rag quilt because the seams are on the outside where you can see them.  The scallops of the scallop square die are perfect for this.  After you have all the seams sewn, you clip each scallop and then wash it so it gets frayed and raggedy.  Kelli used a nice warm flannel for her backing to make it extra snugglie while curled up on the couch.  You can click the photo to get a closer look.  She tied it for ease and more texture.

Until next time!  Get crafty and get some inky fingers y'all!!

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