Tuesday, January 15


I wanted to bring out this photo of my beautiful quilted heart I made last year along with my friend, Leila.  We had so much fun figuring out how to do this one and we were very pleased how each of ours came out.

Mine is framed and is out for display in my living room again this year.

I made mine with circles of fabric folded.  I think I will make another one and this time use squares of paper and fold them.

Have you ever made one of these folded paper hearts or pictures?

Here is my post from last year:


It is made from fabrics, but it is NOT sewn.  I started with a 3" circle of fabric, then folded it in half and in half again.  Put a little Tacky glue to hold it folded and started layering it around.  In  the middle are 4 pieces, then around with 8 pieces, then so on all the way out until it is as big as you want it.

I used my BIG SHOT and one of my dies to cut out all the pieces, then folded and glued them into a heart shape.  Then die cut the scalloped heart and the underneath heart shape before I framed it.

I would love to hear from you about my project, and if you have made a project like this before.

Go, get creative Y'all!!

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