Friday, January 24



My friend and one of my downline members, Karen P. and I put together the Wreath Kit yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.

We had such a fun time to make our wreaths together at her home.

Here it is all finished and up on the door.  I have a porch overhang so it is protected from weather.  Since it is made from paper, burlap ribbon and cardboard, you don't want it to ever get wet.

 This is a closeup so you can see the different types of flowers to create.  All the supplies except the hot glue is included in the kit.

 These open POPPY-type flowers are the largest.  One large yellow one and 3 smaller ones in yellow, coral and light blue.

I love the ones made with the fringed paper.  And the top small blue water lily-type flower is so cute.  I snipped and cupped the inner layer so that it had more dimension and looks more like a water lily. The directions had it just be flat.

I would suggest getting one of these kits and making it with a friend or your family.  It is fun to make and a beautiful project when completed.

Any questions, let me know.

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