Friday, August 28



I have a story for you.  Jewel is my little Pomeranian who is LOVING it out here in the country.  She has a very good nose and LOVES to smell what has been in our yard overnight. She barks when she comes across some wild smell and then chases along the smell trail to show us where it went.

She loves to chase bunnies out of our yard when she spots them.  But the thing she enjoys finding are...FROGS.  She is my FROGGIE DOGGIE.  hee hee

We have these little brown frogs that are the color of dirt.  They are the size of tree frogs, but they are dark brown.  I have no idea what kind they are, but we have a lot of them, especially after a rain.  Jewel loves them.  If she sees one move in the grass, she wags her tail and then sniffs around and follows them as they try to hop away from her.

Sometimes she wants to move the frog out of the grass so she can see it better.  She picks it up in her mouth and moves it and of course when she puts it down, it is dead.  She doesn't understand why it won't hop anymore and she pushes it with her nose to try to get it to hop again.  Poor froggie.  Luckily she doesn't feel the need to move them too often.

Anyways, I thought about my froggie doggie and her little brown buddies when I made this card.  However, I did go with the normal greens for these frogs:

I saw a design similar to this on Pinterest and knew I had to make a birthday card with these little guys.  Aren't they absolutely adorable??  L.O.V.E.  them!! The stamp set is YOU'RE SUBLIME.

Inside I used my little letters dies and wrote:  TOADALLY.

I think it is a fun and funny birthday card.  Hope you do too.

My sketch is what we are using this week at SKETCH FRENZY FRIDAY.  Here it is:
You can make your four objects as small or as large as you want.  Have fun and let's see what you create.

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