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Thanks to all who have been supportive and commented to me regarding this 30 Days of Coloring that I have been participating in.  You are very kind and make me want to keep trying to get better.

A few of you asked me to explain what makes no line coloring.  How do you stamp if there are no lines?  I am glad you asked that because at first I wondered about that myself.

There are several ways to stamp your image you are going to color.  The way I did it on this card below was I stamped with a very light color that was going to be in my color palette.

I have seen on the blog that some people use a light box and trace the image with a very very light pencil.

Others have used an pale ink that has been stamped once or twice off FIRST before then stamping it onto the water color paper.

I am sure there are other ways, I am sure and I would love to hear from you out there in bloggieland if you have used other methods for this no line technique.

On to my card:

 Here is my finished thank you card.  I  L.O.V.E. butterflies and have had butterfly gardens at my previous house just for the butterflies to be able to lay their eggs and the pupae to hatch. Just so you know WHY I am so happy with this card.

 Here is a close up of the largest butterfly.  The lines you see I added with a very very fine brush.  And the sparkle is none other than Wink of Stella clear.

I made the smaller butterfly to be darker around the edges and the shadows also darker.  The body is darker too.  You can see some very light extra small butterflies uncolored on the card as well.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  You still have time to participate in The Daily Marker 30 Day Color Challenge.

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