Monday, October 12



This weekend we had the best fun -- a Witches Craft Party!!  We wore witches hats and clothing (if we had any) and made some fun POTIONS BOTTLES.

Here are some photos of some of the Potions we made:

 Aren't these fun??!!  We found our clear empty bottles in the dollar section at TARGET Store.

 The first thing we did was use a fine tipped hot glue gun and draw on the words/decorations we wanted on our bottles.

 Then we sprayed the bottles with blackboard chalk paint.

When dry, we applied different craft paints, glitter paints, glitter, etc.  Whatever we wanted to create our spooky potions bottles.

Then we added embellishments of moss on the cover, ribbons, sequins, etc.

Some of the bottles I have shown above said:

Bats Wings
Rotten Pumpkin Juice
Lizard Tails
Dead Man toes
Swamp Gas
Ogre Teeth
Dragon Dung

Thanks for stopping by to see our FUN and CREEPY Halloween crafts.  As always, if you have any questions, let me know.

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