Wednesday, February 17



I have a quilt block to share with you today.  I heard about the NEIGHBORHOOD BLOCK PARTY on the Hilachas and My Sister Made Me Do It Blogs,

Everyone who participates makes a 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" block featuring a house.  All the blocks are grouped into bundles and then winners are randomly chosen to receive a bundle of these houses to make a quilt.

I participated last year and it was fun.  So I have been thinking and thinking about what I wanted to make for this year and decided to start with a 9 patch for the basis of my house.

On top of the 9 patch, I put a door and a roof.

 Then I added some grass below the house and a tree growing beside it.

 The tree reminds me of the red bud trees here in Texas that are starting to bloom now.  It is the first signal that spring is here are coming soon.

Hop over to see the other house blocks that have been submitted.  And if you want, read the rules and contact them if you would like to participate.  HAVE FUN!!

Tuesday, February 16

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Saturday, February 13



I am starting to feel a bit better from my accident (see previous post) and needed something to do that I COULD do without much effort.  I decided to make a Valentine for some of my friends.  They are not as creative as I usually like to do, but I am just pleased that there is any creativity at all in my head after the concussion!!  Here they are, each a little bit different:

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day with someone you care about.

Tuesday, February 9



Since I can't do much for the next few weeks (see previous post), I was looking at my photos and realized I have NOT yet posted my QUILT BLOCK A DAY blocks that I am making with Aunt Marti.  They are 9 patches, monochromatic, and I picked blues to use:

Right off my squares were not measuring out as they were supposed.  I bought some precuts and I am wondering if they are not accurate?  You can see where they are not meeting up perfectly as they should.

 This one seems to have been a little better, but they are still not perfect as we quilters like to see those seams and points meeting.

These are NOT sewn together but I just took a photo of the two blocks side by side to show the problems I am having.  Here the white squares seem to be a bit small.

Marti is helping me with this problem, so once I am well I am hoping to get caught up on my block a day and get this quilt going with correct and accurate measurements and seams.

Check out her blog link above in the first paragraph and see what wonderful sewing and designing she does.  she is a fun gal for sure!!

Sunday, February 7



So sorry I have been missing for a bit - I was in the hospital for three days with a concussion and a collapsed lung.  Everyone asks me, "What happened?"  And I feel so stupid having to say, I don't know!!

You see, I can't remember because of the concussion.  But the best I can figure out is this.  I was in the front yard picking up branches and sticks, etc. from our property.  It is completely fenced so I let my horses be in the yard with me.  They follow me around like puppies and enjoy the break from their pasture.

When they get tired of following me around, they either start grazing or they start playing with each other.  They like to tussle (my made up word for it) with each other and then they play tag and chase each other.  When they get tired, they go back to grazing.  This is what we all were doing when the next thing I knew I was waking up in bed because I was hearing the horses clip clopping on the driveway outside my bedroom window.

I have no idea why I was lying on top of the bed and no idea what happened to me, but my glasses are missing and we still can't find them.  We think that maybe the boys bumped me as they were chasing each other and made me fall down.  My left side of my face and head as well as my left shoulder and chest are all bruised where I fell.  And the doc said the impact is what made my RIGHT lung collapse.

So there you have it.  Don't know what happened, can only guess.  Glad it wasn't worse and glad I got myself into the bedroom ro rest a bit from whatever happened.

I didn't realize anything had happened until my hubby came home and said I was asking hin the same questions over and over again and some of my sentences were not making sense. Again, those are signs of a concussion.  And I thought a rib or two on my right side might be broken because of the pain and I couldn't take a very deep breath.

Luckily we decided to go to the ER because of the breathing issue because upon their exam and tests because they discovered my lung was 50% collapsed.  They had to put a tube in to release the air in the outer chamber so the lung could reinflate.

So, long story, so sorry, but that is why you haven't heard from me or seen any creations.  Right now I am dealing with severe headaches and pains all over until I recover.

I did make a quick birthday card for my daughter in law, but forgot to take a photo before I gave it to her.  Sorry.

Once I get some of my strength back, I hope to get back to creating again.

Hope to be posting some creations soon.