Friday, December 30



Today I want to show you a set of blank cards I made for a friend of mine who loves German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) and is a foster and rescuer for them also.  It is her birthday.

I made this small set of blank cards for her to use any way she wants -- as thank you cards, thinking about you cards, happy birthday cards, etc.  She gets to choose how to use them.

I created the dog art with a water pen and inks.  Then I layered them onto colored cardstock and VOILA!!

Some I layered the watercolor paper onto the cardstock directly.  On others I cut around the image and layered that onto the colored cardstock.

I really like the contrast between the dark cardstock and the watercolor water when the image is fussy cut out.

 Each is a bit different since they are hand drawn.  I think it is like dogs themselves...they look similar but each is an original.  :-)

The container for the cards is made from a 12 x 12 piece of designer paper that I folded into the size I needed.  Then I added a ribbon to secure this little gift.

Oh, did I mention I found a German Shepherd Dog pen to go with this set??!!  It finished this set off perfectly!!

Thank you for stopping by. I am working on two more birthday presents for family members and will post them when completed.

p.s. My SU order site is currently down, but you can place an order at the main website: and please put me as your demonstrator (Jennifer Kay)

 OR telephone and place an order at:


Thank you

Tuesday, December 20



In the spirit of Christmas, I want to tell you how important Christ is to me.  I did not know Christ or Heavenly Father was actually real until I was 19 years old!!  I always prayed to them, but never did I get any confirmation that they were there and listening.  Never felt the Holy Ghost. Didn't even think I would feel anything.

At age 19 I decided there had to be more about life and I was going to discover it.  I searched for two years by attending different churches and by talking with just about everyone I met regarding their thoughts about God, Jesus Christ, higher powers, Holy Ghost, etc.  TWO YEARS searching, studying and discussing and I had not found what I was looking for.   Then one Sunday when I attended a new church from the list of all those in a wide area around me, I was approached by a member and we talked a little bit.  Long story short, I joined this church at age 21 and have still continued to study, pray and learn about my Heavenly Father, my savior Jesus Christ and how I can have an eternal family.

In this light, this week my husband's father passed away.  We of course are very sad to be here without him now, but our knowledge in GOD, JESUS CHRIST and that families can be eternal is helping us cope with this loss,  The knowledge that we can see him again brings peace in this time of sorrow.

I want to tell you my thoughts on all of this: God, or Heavenly Father is REAL; He LIVES and loves each one of us.  He listens to our prayers, when we cry out in anguish, when we are full of joy and tell him how grateful we are.  He sent his only begotten son, JESUS CHRIST, at atone for all our sins, shortcomings, foibles, etc. so that we might come back to live with them again once we leave this earth.  We will be with them and with our families and will be so joyous and happy.  The Hymn, JOY TO THE WORLD describes exactly what God sent to us when Jesus was born.  He sent us the JOY that a Savior was now born and the graves will have to give up their dead so we can live for eternity with HIM and our loved ones.

Thank you for reading through this.  If you would like any other information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you can reply to this message or you can go to and learn more there.


Friday, December 9



I am CRAZY for those cute little buttons, their little fat arms, EVERYTHING about gingerbread.

SOOOOOO, I just HAD to use a gingerbread man in my little goodie treats this year, right?

 Did I mention inside are FERRERO ROCHER chocolates???

 I made them with several different prints from my designer paper.

Look how nicely they fold up until you are ready to fill them up with the treats!!!

Thanks for stopping by to see some of my Treat boxes I have made.  I made 20 of them so far!!!

Tuesday, December 6

Watercolor Pencils by Stampin’ Up!