Saturday, August 7

Happy Saturday to you and Happy Chocolate also!!

Yes, it is Monkey Saturday - which means CHOCOLATE FOR ALL. When my kids were very small, their dad used to tease them a lot. One tease that worked so many times was to tell my daughter, Lesleigh, that today was "Monkey Saturday". That is when everyone dresses up like monkeys and have a parade. She would get so excited and want to dress up like a monkey too!! Now married with kids of her own, she still talks about Monkey Saturday. It has evolved to mean anything we want it to mean. So MY Monkey Saturday means CHOCOLATE FOR ALL.

Above are some cute chocolate and candy wrapped for little "just because" gifts for neighbors, friends and family.

Enjoy! and Happy Monkey Saturday

Friday, August 6

Our Card Making Class was a huge success

We had the best time at the card making class. We learned several new watercoloring techniques as well as other techniques. We had a "newbie" at the class, Tracy R. Her first time doing Stampin Up cards. She learned fast and we all had fun.