Tuesday, April 30


I have been trying to work about 20-30 minutes every morning on Collin's birthday car quilt and have been making some real progress.

I am up on a stool trying to take the photo of it lying across my queen bed.  Not a very good angle, but I wanted you to see how much I have completed so far.  YIPPEE, starting to look like a quilt!!

 Closer look from directly down on the quilt.  I have one more "panel" of the printed cars and 3 more rows of blue jeans and I will be ready to start the quilting and snipping the raggedy edges.  Who is that I see in the upper right hand corner?

Jewel the Pomeranian (Joo Joo she is affectionately called) jumped up the moment I put the quilt on the bed and thought perhaps she would claim this one as her own. She immediately started primping herself to get ready for a nice nap.  Here she is primping her little toes.  Does your dog ever do that?  She can spend 30 minutes on her feet until they are just how she wants them.  (they don't look any different to me when she is done.)

Thanks for visiting.  Stay tuned for more progress in the coming weeks.  My deadline is to have it shipped by May 15th, so I am chugging along as quickly as I can.

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