Saturday, September 7


I WANT CANDY!!  Well, more specifically I WANT CHOCOLATE.  And what better way to give some chocolate as a gift than in a FUN and EASY MINI CHOCOLATE BOX.  This reminds me of the Whitman's Chocolates you get in a box this size but NOT this cute!!  How cute is this!!!

 Here is a mini chocolates box with a belly band to keep it closed.  This is another sheet from my fav dsp - Witches Brew.  I added 3 punched bats on top of some paper-made curlies as the medallion on the ribbon belly band.

Here is the box open with the belly band on the side.  AND YUMMY CHOCOLATES!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Come back TOMORROW for ANOTHER HALLOWEEN PROJECT, won't you?  I am having so much fun making all these HALLOWEEN PROJECTS and sharing them with YOU!!

Until Tomorrow!!

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