Tuesday, May 24



Do you ever make a second or third card of the same design because you loved that design so much?

Well, that is what I have for you today,  Months and months ago, I made this simple but cute card and I recently saw a photo of it and knew I had to make it AGAIN for someone special.,

First, I love the bright crushed curry with the quiet and unassuming gray.  Then I absolutely LOVE the little banner punches YAH, YAH, YAH.  I got the Beatles' song in my head as I made it, "She Loves YOU, YAH, YAH, YAH",.  Ha ha, now YOU have that song going around in YOUR head!!

I used the Kinda Eclectic sunburst behind the light bulb so it looked like the bulb was shining.  I used a ton of Crystal Effects on the bulb itself to make it all shiny (sorry the photo doesn't show it very well.)

The bitty banner under the bulb says YOU BRIGHTEN MY LIFE.  I just can't stand it when my phone won't take a clear focused shot.  I didn't notice that you can't read that saying until I posted it tonight.  And the problem is I ALREADY MAILED IT!!  soooooo sorry.

I would love to hear about the time you made several of the same card because you loved the design.  Especially if it did it weeks or months after the construction of the first one!!

Thanks for visiting.  Happy Tuesday evening to y'all.

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